Updated 04-16-2014

You've seen the 2014 home uniform! On Friday night, April 18th, at 8pm we will reveal the 2014 away uniform.  It is like nothing we have ever had before!

The new 2014 home football uniform is here!!

Our new home uniform is all black with a charcoal grey collar, sleeves, letters and numbers.  Accent color include vegas gold under the arms and down the legs along with oulines on the letters and numbers,  Finally we have added A dark green pinstripe on the jersey and pants to seperate the colors.

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Congratulations to our 20, yes 20, Clermont Knights 2013-2014 Pop Warner All American Scholar Athletes!
First Team All American Scholars

Emily Treadwell - 8th Grade - Cheer, Samantha Poreda - 5th Grade - Cheer
Second Team All American Scholars
Emily Bracht - 8th Grade - Cheer, Olivia Imbesi - 8th Grade - Cheer, Brittany Rosenfeld - 8th Grade - Cheer, Brandon Burgess - 7th Grade - Football, Joey Lasley - 7th Grade - Football, Brandon Samoyoa - 7th Grade - Football, Christopher Thompson - 7th Grade - Football, Nicole Whistler - 7th Grade - Cheer, Lauren Becker - 6th Grade - Cheer, Austin Knapp - 6th Grade Football, Brett Badolato - 5th Grade - Football, Sydney Benson - 5th Grade - Cheer, Matthew Frick - 5th Grade - Football, Madison Lucas - 5th Grade - Cheer, Giovanni Rivers - 5th Grade - Football
Honorable Mention All American Scholars
Josh Colston - 8th Grade - Football, Stephen Crumblish - 8th Grade - Football, Baylee Heuser - 7th Grade - Football
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Established in 1998 the Clermont Knights boast nationally ranked cheer squads and championship football squads. If you like to work hard, play hard, have fun and earn wins, then you have what it takes to be a Clermont Knight. If your dream is to play or cheer in high school, college, pro, now is the time to start preparing and the Clermont Knights are the program to start preparing with.

The Clermont Knights are the official Pop Warner program for Lake Minneola High School.

If you reside within the Lake Minneola High School boundaries we welcome you to the Clermont Knights family.

Schedule Change!
Coaches hands on clinic at Lake Minnoela High School has been changed to May 10th from 9am to 12pm.


Football camp and early registration this Thursday evening, March 17th, from 6:30pm to 8pm
More dates and times coming soon

Midget division ages (11-14) has been changed to unlimited weight

No Football or cheer camp this weekend